Piston Crown & Skirt Assembly

Overhaul Report

Vessel Name: Atlantic Provider

Engine Type: 12V 32/40

Location: Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.

The following jobs were carried out:

  • Crankshaft deflection measurements
  • Bearing and crankshaft inspection
  • Cylinder head components inspection
  • Fuel pump inspection
  • Fuel injection valve inspection
  • Liner inspection
  • Piston inspection
  • Valve assembly inspection
  • Liner casing inspection
  • Connecting rod bush inspection
  • Turbocharger inspection


All pistons dismounted and cleaned. Groove measurement taken and it was found that B1, B3, B5 1st groove and A2, A3, A4, A5, A6 2nd groove measurement out of limits. All pistons to be replaced at next overhaul.

  • Piston pin measured and found OK.
  • Piston skirt inspected and found OK.
  • All piston pin bearings renewed.
  • Piston retaining bolts renewed

All mechanical works carried out by D&D Engineering Services.