Crankpin Bearing Inspection & Installation

Overhaul Report

Vessel Name: Atlantic Provider

Engine Type: 12V 32/40

Location: Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.

The following jobs were carried out:

  • Crankshaft deflection measurements
  • Bearing and crankshaft inspection
  • Cylinder head components inspection
  • Fuel pump inspection
  • Fuel injection valve inspection
  • Liner inspection
  • Piston inspection
  • Valve assembly inspection
  • Liner casing inspection
  • Connecting rod bush inspection
  • Turbocharger inspection

Bearing and crankshaft

  • Connecting rod bearing inspected and all 12 pairs renewed.
  • Crank pin inspection completed and polished.
  • #3.#5.# 7 main bearing inspection carried out. Bearing condition acceptable.
  • No scratches, no visual marks, clearances & tolerances between acceptable limits.
  • Thrust pad inspected. Acceptable.

All mechanical works carried out by D&D Engineering Services.